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Release Zero, the Product Design Sprint is the perfect way for us to support customers with an idea or concept, validating ideas or thoughts, receiving customer feedback and promoting innovation whilst also providing a clear direction for a way forward before committing a full project investment.

Within one week, you’ll have the data, analysis and prototypes to help you make an informed decision about the next steps for your business. The carefully structured 5-day workshop is based on the Google Design Sprint process, encapsulating research, design, prototyping and testing.

Following these engagements, we can continue to collaborate with your team to further the development of your solution, using our understanding of the product and your objectives to deliver positive business impact.

Design Sprints for Established Teams

For an established in-house team, engaging with IJYI brings fresh perspectives and the opportunity for out-of-the-box thinking, leveraging our experience from a range of industries and approaches.

Design Sprints for Start Ups & New Teams

Working with IJYI brings experience and expertise to your team, laying the foundations for start-ups and new product teams to build and launch their first solution with limited resources and budget.

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