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Organisations that implement a DevOps way of working have 2,555x shorter lead times, 200x more frequent deployments and 24x faster recovery from failures*

* 2016 Puppet Labs State of DevOps report

Resilient, Repeatable, Reliable

If there was a critical single line code fix needed in your organisation, how long would it take to work it’s way into production? An hour? A day? A week?

By automating the deployment process, ensuring that you can reliably repeat that process at the click of a button, the decision to make changes is much easier.

No More Emergency Releases

How often are emergency code fixes needed within your organisation?

Typically these emergency fixes don’t go through the same rigourous process and testing that a scheduled release does, sometimes even ending with a developer manually copying code onto production infrastructure. This means the changes aren’t checked, aren’t audited and can potentially make the situation even worse.

By creating a solid, rapid and reliable automated deployment process, emergency releases no longer exist. Every release follows the same process, with the same test runs, approvals and auditing.

Monitor Progress, Track Releases

Making use of toolsets such as Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to co-ordinate, build and deploy .NET, Java, iOS, Android and many other types of project, stakeholders are able to not only monitor where requirements are in the pipeline (from fine grained tasks, right the way up to portfolio level initiatives) but also which environments release builds have been deployed to.

Named approvers are able to signify their acceptance to proceed to the next environment in the pipeline with automation taking care of the deployment task itself.

Developers are able to stop worrying about deployments and concentrate on what they’re best at – software development.

Microsoft DTDPS means you may be eligible for consultancy at no additional cost

If your organisation has software assurance licenses with Microsoft, you may be eligable for a Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services (DTDPS) engagement at no additional cost. Engagements include Visual Studio Team Services Deployment Assessment, Visual Studio Agile Deployment Assessment, Visual Studio Quality Tools, Deployment Assessment and Visual Studio DevOps Deployment Assessment.

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