We focus on delivering a step-change towards your business goals, through the application of DevOps best practices and high value technology solutions.

Build for Speed by IJYI, is a comprehensive end-to-end DevOps Assessment, Planning and Implementation programme, which enables us to deliver against this objective.

This key programme sits within our strategic customer engagement, to evaluate culture, process and tooling across your development and operational teams, providing a pragmatic roadmap that allows you to fully leverage technology in support of your business.

Realise the benefits of Build for Speed in your business

  • Boost your revenue by launching products and services to market faster.
  • Protect your brand and revenue by reducing the risk of data loss by applying security by design.
  • Use technology as a basis for competitive advantage.
  • Provide innovative solutions to your business needs.
  • Improve service availability and provide a better customer experience.
  • Lower your service costs.
  • Resolve problems through the strategic use of automation.
Cloud Optimisation

Your Needs

Our engagement with you focuses on understanding your key business focus and objectives. Using our IJYI Maturity Index we assess your DevOps culture, process and practices against stringent criteria to improve effectiveness and efficiency across your business.

By assessing the six core competency areas of Discover, Develop, Test, Deploy, Operate & Collaborate we establish a joint understanding of areas that will deliver results to support your business. Based on your drivers for success, we produce a Road Map that is tailored to deliver against these areas. To ensure success, Build for Speed delivery is tailored to you. Our expert consultants work on-site alongside your teams to understand your DevOps maturity.

Present. Discuss. Produce.

Following this period of discovery, we present our findings against each of the competencies within the IJYI Maturity Index, identifying and agreeing the Key Opportunities for Improvement for your organisation.


The implementation approach of Build for Speed solutions is collaborative. By embedding our experts and coaches within your organisation we can ensure that the opportunities for improvement are both understood and delivered.

Through the adoption and application of appropriate technology, processes and people culture, we help you maximise the value and impact of your team.


To ensure ongoing business success, following the Implementation of your Build for Speed solutions, we conduct quarterly check point reviews to track both progress and benefits.

Using both quantitative and qualitative measures to get an accurate view of your journey so far, using these tools and insights, we will be able to continue to work together to continue to support the needs of your business.

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